Blue Horizons 250g Power 6 'Shock Top' Tablets 5kg

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A powerful 200g multifunctional chlorine tablet with a built in 50g quick release shock top making a 250g tablet.

The Power6 chlorine tablet is perfect for keeping your pool water crystal clear and clean. Its multifunctional properties mean that it not only sanitises your pool, but also helps to prevent algae growth and clarifies the water.

Twin-phase chlorine release: The quick release shock top ensures that the chlorine is quickly dispersed throughout the pool, providing rapid results; coupled with a slow-release base for consistent disinfection.

With a weight of 250g, this tablet is long-lasting and designed to be used in larger pools. Its powerful formula ensures that your pool stays clean and safe for use all season long.

  • Sanitiser
  • UV protected
  • Quick release shock top
  • Filter Cleanser
  • Clarifier
  • Algae Prevention

Caution: Always dose via a clean and empty skimmer basket. Not suitable for chlorine feeders and floating dispensers.

These tablets are a direct replacement for the Blue Horizons Shock Top Tablets and also the HTH Action 6 Maxitabs.  

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