Certikin Genie 20S - 20kW (68,000BTU) Gas Heater

With its 20kW output it is still powerful enough for most domestic pools.
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Product information

Domestic gas meters have a limit to how much gas can pass through them. The size of the gas meter combined with the output of the existing gas appliances will dictate what size gas fired swimming pool heater can be used.

There are some instances where there is not enough 'spare' capacity to run a 35kW or 50kW Genie pool heater without changing the gas meter which can be costly. 

For these occasions, Certikin has developed the Genie 20S. With its 20kW output it is still powerful enough for most domestic pools. The only compromise is that it will take a little longer to heat the pool from cool.  It is still as efficient as the other Genie pool heaters and in comparison will cost no more to heat your pool over the year.

The Genie 20S shares the same dimensions as the 35 model. The 

Following the unprecedented success of the initial launch of the Genie boiler and acting on constructive feedback from the trade, the Genie now features a water to water heat exchanger with cupro nickel tubes.

This means that even if you are struggling to maintain perfect water balance, the Genie is robust enough to cope.

Still using condensing technology, the Genie range delivers up to a fantastic 94% efficiency compared to standard direct fired pool heaters which typically operate at between 60 to 80% efficiency.

There is only one unit for either natural gas or LPG - the boiler is supplied for natural gas as standard with a conversion kit to LPG included.

At the heart of every Genie lives a super quiet state-of-the-art stainless steel heat engine.  Using a fully modulating fan and gas valve, a clean and precise burn is guaranteed every time with a perfect fuel/air mixture.  Condensing technology allows the Genie to perform at 94% efficiency ensuring that the heat goes into your pool water, not the air.

Practicality and flexibibility are important features of any pool heater and the Genie offers both in abundance.  Every heater is factory set to run on Natural Gas and the simple insertion of a special washerr during installation covers the boiler to Propane Gas (LPG) in minutes.  All units can be installed either indoors or outdoors and a variety of flue options will cover almost any installation situation.  With pool water, electical and gas connections on both the left and right hand side of the boiler, and also being suitable for wall mounting, the Genie is the most flexible heater available.

Product Features:

  • Tamper proof lockable pool temperature display in C or F
  • Up to 94% condensing efficiency - equivalent to Sedbuk A
  • Running cost reduced by up to 30%
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Modulating output for accurate temperature control and increased efficiency
  • IP44 for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Quiet running
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Pool connection left to right OR right to left
  • Simple condensate disposal connections left or right hand side
  • Pre-plumbed complete with a double non-return valve and filling loop
  • Plastic flue kits, push fit horizontal and/or vertical up to 20m
  • Honeywell CVI controls
  • Muliple heater kit options up to 400kW output (8 heaters)
  • CCP pool control panel compatible
  • Wall mounting kit available
  • Commissioning / diagnostic display with service indicator (2000 hrs run time)
  • Suitable for use with salt chlorinated pools
Our price includes delivery on a pallet, please allow 2-3 days for delivery.  If you require delivery more urgently, please contact us prior to ordering.

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