hth Spa Multi-Function 20g Chlorine Tablets 1.2kg

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Product information

hth Spa Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets sanitise your spa water, they are intended to be used with chlorine feeders or floating dispensers.

The tablets will dissolve slowly over a period of 3 - 5 days depending on the water temperature and flow rate.

  • Slow dissolving
  • High strength
  • Multi-Function - contain clarifier and algicide

Instructions for use:


  1. Fill the dispenser with chlorine tablets and adjust the aperture at the bottom of the unit to maintain a chlorine level of 3mg/l (ppm).
  2. Alternatively, keep the aperture constant and vary the quantity of tablets in the dispenser
    to give the required chlorine level.
  3. The dispenser should be removed from the spa while bathers are present.


  1. Fill the feeder with chlorine tablets and follow the manufacturer's instructions to maintain a chlorine level of 3mg/l (ppm).

Product Data

MPN 00251416
GTIN 3521686010895