Intex PureSpa Filter Cartridge - (Twin Pack)

Twin pack of filter cartridges for the Intex Purespa.
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Twin pack of filter cartridges for the Intex Purespa.
Filter cartridges must be changed / cleaned regularly so that maximum filtration efficiency can be achieved. One method of managing filter cartridges is the rotation method, please read below for details on how to use this method.

Key points:
  • Clean the filter every two weeks
  • Check your spa manual for the manufacturers instructions on how to remove your filter
  • Removal of physical debris should be done using water pressure either from a hose or a specialised cartridge cleaning tool
  • Before refitting the cartridge, always rinse and dry thoroughly

Rotation Method
For best results Intex recommend using two cartridges in rotation, with one in service in the hot tub and one on standby. This will allow you to leave the out of service filter soaking in detergent for 24 to 48 hours, thoroughly removing any residues from it, and give it ample time to dry out fully before being refitted. Allowing the filter to fully dry will improve its performance upon being refitted.

These Intex Purespa filter cartridges have a diameter of 10.8cm and measure 7.3cm high

Please note: 
This is a genuine Intex Product. 
2 x Filter Cartridges included per pack purchased

Always read the Product application instructions before use.
Brand Intex
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