Thermalec Electric Heater - 24kW - 1 & 3 Phase

Thermalec® electric heaters are specifically designed for use with swimming pools and spas.
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24kW 24PHR Series Thermalec Electric Heater for Single and Three Phase installations, please select either Single or Three Phase using the drop down menu above  - model number 24PHRX24.

Thermalec® electric heaters are specifically designed for use with swimming pools and spas. The base of the heater is a fusion epoxy coated cast iron vessel through which the water from the swimming pool flows. The vessel is fitted with a safety pressure relief valve, a drain valve and the water inlet and outlet nozzles and its base is designed to support the heater on a flat, solid surface. Four screws are supplied to enable the heater to be levelled.

Overflow weirs are cast into the inside of the heater vessel at the inlet and outlet nozzles. These ensure that the vessel is kept filled with water to a constant level at all times. A baffle plate is suspended inside the heater across its width, downstream of the inlet weir. A similar baffle plate is suspended upstream of the outlet weir. The top edges of each of the cast weirs are slightly sloped. This patented combination of weirs and baffles is designed to impart a spiral regime to the flow of water through the heater. It also prevents the direct impingement of cold water directly on to the heating elements.

The inlet and outlet pipework are connected to the heater by uPVC solvent weld socket stub flanges. These are attached to the inlet and outlet ports on the cast iron vessel by a steel backing flange, ensuring that the uPVC socket can be replaced if ever that were necessary.

Thermalec® pool and Spa heaters are CE marked and comply with: 
  • EU Council Directive 89/336/EEC & 93/068/EEC on Electromagnetic compatibility 
  • EU Council Machinery Directive 98/37/EEC 
  • EU Council Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EEC & 72/23EEC 
  • Harmonised Standards: EN55014, EN55104, EN5501, EN5502, CEI801-2, CEI801-3 and EN60335-2-35
Technical Specifications:
Water Inlet / Outlet Socket for 50mm or 2.0" Pipe
Operating Pressure 2.0 bar maximum
Pool Temp Control Range 15C to 45C
Max Water Temp 52C heater outlet
Ambient Temperature 40C max
Model Reference 24PHRX24
Load 24 kW
Current 1 Phase Installation 230V 105 Amps
Current 3 Phase Installation 400V 35 Amps
Elements 6 x 4kW

Materials of Construction:
Heater Vessel Fusion epoxy coated cast iron
Gasket Silicone rubber
Heater Elements Incoloy 825 sheath
Element Holding Plate uPVC
Water Connections uPVC socket
Electrical Enclosure Powder coated steel


Electrical Data:
Protection level: IP21
Fuses: 2 x 2 Amp
Pump interlock voltage: 230 V AC
Element heat flux: 11.5 W/cm2

Packet Dimensions: 73 x 52 x 30
Packed Weight: 42kg
  • The construction of the heater is solid and robust, to ensure years of safe and reliable service.
  • The contact materials are highly resistant to corrosion from chemicals. Thermalec(R) pools and spa heaters can safely be used with sea water pools as well as in demanding applications such as Hydro and Thalasso- therapy.
  • The heating elements have very low  watts density (10.54 W/cm2), ensuring minimal scale build-up and long element life.
  • The heating elements are always submerged in water. Any air bubbles entering the heater pass through it above the water and across the unheated parts of the elements, preventing any damage to the latter.
  • The patented weir and baffle system inside the heater causes the water to flow through it in a spiral. This increases uniformity of the water temperature inside the heater and prevents direct impingement of cold water onto the elements.
  • The spiral flow regime of the water inside the heater discourages scale formation, extending element life.
  • The heaters have no flow switch. These are notoriously unreliable. Any air bubbles passing through the heater will cause any flow switch to make a break repeatedly in rapid succession, causing the contactors to do the same, this shortening their life.
  • Thermalec heaters are flexible: the water flow direction is normally left to right. If required, this can be easily changed on installation by means of a simple modification.
  • The 24THR heaters are euipped with a mains circuit breaker, a detail often overlooked in pool heaters.
  • Top quality contactors have been used and their ratings generously selected to give a long service life and minimum risk of operational problems, particularly in pool plant room.
  • As a safety precaution, the heaters are provided with an interlock relay, which has to be connected to the filter pump circuit. The heater will not operate unless the interlock is wired and the filter pump is energised .
  • Status indicator lamps on front of panel to facilitate troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Thermalex pool and spa heaters comply with all current and relevant EU regulations and directives.
  • Thermalec pool and spa heaters have a two-year guarantee.

Brand Thermalec
Condition New
Product Code PSHT240T
Weight 1kg